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A new way to wire a server closet.

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Tim from the UK recently sent these pictures in. He says:

“Well I turned up on site today to fit a phone system UPS which attach to the back rail of the cabinet. Unfortunately the electricians had installed some sockets and ignoring the fact that there is a huge ceeform socket box blocking a few U (this doesn’t affect our kit), they installed it on a 1cm thick board and then mounted the rails onto that. Needless to say our kit doesn’t fit (you can see the battery box in the last picture) and the school were wondering why the fold-out KVM wouldn’t slide in all the way. Pure genius.”

Here are the pictures:

The pipe coming through the rack... Read that again.. THE PIPE coming through the damn rack! WTF?!?!?

Who puts electric like this in the closet? Taking up "U" space?


Thank you for the pictures Tim.

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